Antique 19th Century French White Work Spread and Shams with Roses on Handkerchief Linen


Extremely fine French white work spread and shams dating to the mid 19th century, 2 shams and one spread. Rare and beautiful and of the highest quality workmanship with microscopic hand work in a variety of stitches. This kind of quality reserved in the period for only the very wealthy or royalty. Beautifully rendered roses, rose buds and foliage with massive central monogram “M E”, with hand embroidered scalloped edges all on a fine white handkerchief linen. Uncleaned as found directly out of Long Island estate with faint age related oxidation in a couple of areas, scattered pindot spots, occasional pindots scattered throughout all three pieces the spread has a dozen smaller then a pea holes, and 4 nickel sized holes all on the edges, one small repair in the hemstitch detail at the start of the flounce.

The spread measures 74″ long and 53″ wide with a 13″ gathered flounce on each side.

One of the shams has 7 small period darns, expertly done, dozen smaller then a pea holes, a few pindot age related spots The other sham has one period darn a few pindot holes 1/2 doz smaller then a pea holes.

Museum quality and rare worthy of conservation efforts.

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