About Carolyn Forbes / Textiles

Here you will find a diverse collection of select antique, vintage and designer clothing as well as handmade antique laces, heirloom linens, embroideries and weavings from near and far spanning the centuries, along with world and ethnographic textile arts and costume.

The antique and vintage clothing collection is carefully selected to represent the definitive styles and design vocabulary inherent in each time period with a focus on surface ornamentation, construction details, quality of materials, and innovative and imaginative cuts. The antique textiles are collected with an emphasis on the rare, early, historical and the skillfully handmade, with design elements that reflect the time and culture of their origins.

Working closely with fashion and fabric designers, collectors, museums, and textile enthusiasts, with sales online and at trade shows around the Northeast and beyond, Carolyn Forbes has been involved in collecting and purveying fine antique textiles and vintage clothing for over 30 years.

Carolyn Forbes Textiles is always interested in purchasing fine antique textiles and clothing, with particular interest in Chinese robes and textiles, fine heirloom laces, European and World embroideries and weavings, as well as colorful, elegant and imaginative ladies and gents clothing & accessories from all periods.