1920s Shimmering and Glimmering Assuit or Tulle Bi Telli Shawl


Grand and glorious Assuit shawl or Tulle Bi Telli silver metallic long shawl, dating to the 1920s, when King Tut's tomb was opened and grand tour tourist flocked to Egypt and to a village of the same name along the Nile where these shawls originate. One of the densest Assuit shawls I have ever handled weighing nearly 5 pounds, the weight creating a lovely drape. Geometric design elements along edges and at the border otherwise the entire length of the central field is all glimmering silver. Done on black cotton net. In overall very good antique condition, with slight tarnish, mostly on one side and couple of small breaks the largest .5″ long.

Measures 88″ by 34″ wide.


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Weight5 lbs