Antique Exquisite Mechlin Lace Composite Heart Shaped Pillow

Lovely heart shaped fine handkerchief linen pillow case, a composite of many laces and embroideries assembled sometime in the 19th century. Old, possibly 18th century Mechlin lace makes up a wide border, the pillow face itself with extensive decorative drawn work in rows along outer edge this giving way to some of the most extraordinary delicate and fine 18th century Mechlin lace as well as Valencienne lace, as well as very high quality French white work embroidery and monogram with a French coat of arms in the center all on the finest linen, backed in linen, with an opening for pillow insert. A rare lovely and lovable artifact in excellent uncleaned condition.

Measures 23″ high x 22″ across widest part.

Additional Information

Weight 1.0 lbs