Antique European Textile Antique Fortuny Panel Vintage Mexican Sterling bracelet Antique French Paisly Shawl Antique Hand made Kashmiri Shawl Antique Chinese Embroidered Court robe
Vintage chiffon floral party dress Antique Canton Wedding Shawl Vintage ruffled pink party dress Civil War period ball gown Antique lace skirt flounce vintage designer dress
Antique full length Kashmiri shawl 18th Century Men's formal embroidered court coat Antique Native american Navajo Eye dazzler rug Antique French Pt de Gaze lace shawl Antique Redingote antique Ottoman gold embroidered textile Panel
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Welcome to Carolyn Forbes Textiles an online resource for antique textiles and vintage clothing. A diverse collection to inspire, collect, decorate and adorn. Spanning the centuries from near and far, with an emphasis on great design, color, construction and history.

Antique Textiles including embroideries, fine laces, kashmir and paisley shawls, canton shawls and linens Antique clothing from the 18th century to the 20th century.

samples of antique textiles and vintage clothing from Carolyn Forbes Textiles

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